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Dear Friend,

magic boxHave you ever wondered:

* "Why do people do what they do?"

* "Why do people believe what they believe?"

* "Why do people buy what they buy?"

Once you know the answer to these all-important questions, you have a powerful key that you can use any time you like to create the outcomes you want.

To find the answers- keep reading!





The Problem-

I knew that "some people" knew the secrets of influencing others- and that I didn't. Other people knew the psychological triggers that gave them the power to control others- and I didn't. I felt confused and somehow out of control.

Have you ever felt that way?

Have you ever bought something that you really didn't want? Have you ever done something that you really didn't want to do? Has your romantic partner or friend ever gotten mad at you for "no reason?"

Are you ready to get control?

So was I. I decided that if others could learn the principles of influence, then I could, too.



Chasing the solution-

magic djembeI noticed that many internet marketers referred to Dr. Robert Cialdini's book, "Influence, the Power of Persuasion." I thought, "that might be the answer."

I chased that book down and read it. That made me even more curious, so I did a search on Dr. Cialdini and discovered that he was the co-author of some college text-books. More chasing, more fascination. This led to more searches- I found centuries-old textbooks, arcane hypnotic manuals, anywhere I could find a thread to pull on, I'd follow it.

Reading these materials, I understood why so many of the top internet marketers were using the Principles of Persuasion as their secret weapon- they're irresistible, and based on sound science.

A few months ago, I was "hanging out" at an online forum. The topic was copywriting. I jumped in, and told the forum that, in my opinion, knowledge of the principles of influence is the most important secret of good copywriting.






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Amazing discovery-

I was amazed- none of the other forum members had heard of Dr. Cialdini, or the principles of influence, or the other writers I was studying. I knew they needed to understand this important and exciting information because until you understand the principles of persuasion, there's no way to succeed. You relationships, your business, and your life will be controlled by others. Not good.



The solution-

mysticI condensed these books down to their basics, and created a course in five lessons to teach anybody these secrets. It's a simple audio home-study course that you can listen to anywhere you go. If you've been confused about these strategies before, this course will make it all easy and clear.

This course explains how you can simply, effortlessly, and naturally absorb and understand the essential strategies of:

* Social Proof- "How can you use the Beatles' secret strategy to
create hysteria and massive demand?"

* Authority- "How can you become a perceived expert in any
field immediately?"

* Reciprocity- "How can you use the powerful force of giving to
get anything you want?"

* Liking- "People buy from people they like. What triggers
can you use to ensure that people like you- and
buy from you?"

* Consistency- "How can you create the uncomfortable state of inconsistency in your customers' mind, and then satisfy it by taking their money?"



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The Weapons of Influence-

These are the five "Weapons of Influence" you'll learn as you listen to Influence 101. Once you know how to use them, you can control any interaction. Until you learn them, you are defenseless.

Don't get left behind.

Others are already achieving stunning results with these tools. You can't compete without them.


Listen to what Dr. Joe Vitale has to say about this home study course:

"Pat simplifies the key principles of influence
and persuasion in a gentle, easy, and quick
listening experience. I love the fact that all you
have to do is put on headphones and absorb
this wisdom. Brilliant stuff. Arm yourself with it."

Dr Joe Vitale, author of way too many books
to list here, www.mrfire.com


These are the hidden secrets marketers don't talk about. Until now.


Here's what Bill Hibbler discovered:

My bookshelves contain several excellent books on the power of influence. Most are of the college textbook variety. I'm sure they contain information that's vital to my business... if only I had the time to dig through them to find the truly useful information.

Pat, your Influence101 audios are excellent. I was able to absorb the five 'weapons of influence' while I was working out this afternoon. I got extremely useful techniques, I can immediately use to get more customers to say "yes".

Bill Hibbler - co-author of Meet and Grow Rich. www.ecommerceconfidential.com



Here's what Keith Schaffer has to say about Influence 101-

Pat, About Influence 101- I have the audios now and am indeed a happy customer, I can't believe I've already blown through them and am pleased at how much I have assimilated them.

The information reinforced what I had learned from previous sources. Pat you deliver of the material in a very easily understood and a fun way of learning the information. You made it all gel together in a surprisingly short period of time.

I am a student of hypnosis and the unlimited human potential, and I am very excited about what you have done with your Milagro VF Learning Technology and the enhancement to the learning process its made with this product. I can't wait to get my hands on your other product! Rock On!!

Keith "The Teleseminar Expert" Schaffer -



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lampDecades of scientific research has shown us exactly how to use the power of Influence to get the results we want using these techniques.

This revolutionary audio course will teach you, automatically, the basic principles of these techniques, and much more. All you have to do is listen- the Milagro VF enhanced learning technology does the rest.

I believe in this program so strongly, I'll guarantee your results and give you a free gift just for trying it!

These five tools can be used in any situation where you want to control the outcome: Sales, politics, dating... and they are used on you every day. Once you start studying these techniques, you'll recognize and understand the psychological weapons of Influence.

Would you like to learn the basics of influence
almost immediately?


Would you like to become a master of the weapons of influence?

"Imagine- gaining this knowledge, almost automatically!"

"Picture- being in control of every interaction."

How does this sound ? "You're in charge in every sales situation."

"How would it feel to be immune to the influence attempts of others?"

What is that worth to you?

You can have it now!

With this home study course, you will become a master of the basic weapons of Influence automatically. Influence 101 is a 45 minute audio that teaches you how to use the basic weapons of influence, and how to keep others from using them on you- in five easy lessons.



Automatic learning technology-

girl with headphonesThe Milagro VF learning technology, which is embedded in the audio, will automatically put your mind in an enhanced learning state. We've used this technology in all of our products, including the revolutionary "Think and Grow Rich Automatically." It's amazing how easy it is to put on your headphones, press play, and listen as I explain the secrets of Influence while the Milagro VF automatically puts your mind in its most effective learning state.

As you listen to the audio course, the principles of influence are automatically embedded in your mind.


You can't NOT learn under these conditions.

This audio course has never been offered before. If you don't know these secrets, STOP whatever you're doing and order this course. Until you arm yourself with the "Weapons of Influence," you're in danger- serious danger. These techniques are used against you daily. Until you master these basic techniques, you're blindly trying to defend yourself against powerful psychological forces that you can't even recognize, much less defeat!



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The course includes seven audio downloads, with the Milagro VF enhanced learning technology to keep you focused and at maximum rentention. You can listen as many times as you like. Keep reading to find out about your free gift!

These secrets have changed my life, and increased my income dramatically. Although I've learned not to talk about it to them, they've improved my relationships with my partner, my friends, and my children just as dramatically. It's a lot like discovering a book of magic spells- that actually work in the real world!

These secrets are priceless, and I'll guarantee that they will change the way you see the world. After you learn these techniques, you'll have the upper hand in every negotiation, personal or business, that you engage in.


"That sounds great! I want it NOW!"

It could save you many thousands of dollars, and make your life much more pleasant, couldn't it?

Hundreds have invested in this amazing program for only $79!


But- if you invest right now-
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only $49!



guaranteePersonal 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

This guarantee gives you 60-days to listen to the lessons, read the e-book and start using it to take control of your life.

Try it out, and THEN decide if it was worth the small investment. If youíre not happy for any reason whatsoever, Iíll personally make sure you get a fast refund of your $49. No questions asked.

Amazing stuff here though.



Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

Order now, and you'll also receive the complete written study course- a $49 value. This contains the complete text of the audio, with questions at the end of each lesson to ensure that you're fully trained!



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Pat O'Bryan, Director
The Milagro Research Institute

P.S. The sooner you order, the sooner you will be in charge of your success and happiness!

P.P.S. There is no risk! If these five lessons don't give you the tools you need and the confidence to use them, I'll refund your money immediately- and you can keep the free gift!

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